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Ruby 12x10 mm Oval Checkerboard Cut 3 pcs 18.95 ct

Ruby 12x10 mm Oval Checkerboard Cut 3 pcs 18.95 ct

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Rubies are renowned for their vibrant red color and have been cherished throughout history as symbols of passion, protection, and prosperity.

Ruby 12x10 mm Oval Checkerboard Cut 3 pcs 18.95 ct ( Synthetic)

  • Appearance: The oval cut is a classic and elegant shape for rubies, enhancing their natural beauty and brilliance. This cut offers a large surface area, allowing the gemstone to appear larger and more striking.
  • Cut: The oval cut typically features 57 to 58 facets, which are designed to maximize the stone's brilliance and minimize the appearance of inclusions.

Checkerboard Cut

  • Appearance: A checkerboard cut on an oval-shaped ruby involves creating a series of square or rectangular facets across the surface of the stone, resembling a checkerboard pattern. This cut enhances the stone's sparkle and creates a unique play of light, adding depth and visual interest.
  • Cut: The checkerboard cut can be applied to the table (top surface) of the stone or across the entire gemstone, increasing its ability to reflect light from multiple angles.

Synthetic Rubies

Synthetic rubies, also known as lab-created or lab-grown rubies, are produced in laboratories using methods that replicate the natural conditions under which rubies form. These stones possess the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural rubies.

Characteristics of Synthetic Rubies:

  1. Color:
    • Synthetic rubies exhibit the same vibrant red color as natural rubies. The color can range from pinkish-red to deep, rich red. The synthetic process allows for a more uniform color distribution without the zoning seen in some natural rubies.
  2. Clarity:
    • Lab-created rubies often have fewer inclusions compared to their natural counterparts. These inclusions, commonly seen in natural rubies, are minimized in synthetic stones, resulting in higher clarity.
  3. Hardness:
    • Rubies, whether natural or synthetic, have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making them very durable and suitable for everyday wear.

Synthetic rubies in an oval shape with a checkerboard cut offer a stunning combination of vibrant color, brilliance, and unique faceting. These lab-created gems provide an affordable and ethical alternative to natural rubies, allowing for greater accessibility to their timeless beauty. The checkerboard cut enhances the stone's sparkle, making it a standout choice for various types of jewelry.

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