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Peridot 6x4 mm Pear shape 25 pcs 9.25 carat

Peridot 6x4 mm Pear shape 25 pcs 9.25 carat

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Verdant Splendor: The Origin of Peridot Pear.

[25 pcs 6x4 mm Pear shape 9.25 carats ]

Peridot is renowned for its striking green hue, which ranges from a yellowish-green to an olive or brownish-green. The most sought-after color is a vibrant, medium to dark green with no brownish tint.

The pear shape, also known as a teardrop shape, is a popular cut for peridot gemstones. This cut combines the round and marquise shapes, creating a graceful and elongated silhouette that showcases the stone's color and brilliance.

High-quality peridot stones are typically eye-clean, meaning they do not have visible inclusions when examined with the naked eye. Some stones may have slight inclusions, but these are usually not visible without magnification and do not detract from the stone's beauty.

A well-cut pear-shaped peridot will exhibit excellent symmetry and proportions. The cut should maximize the stone's brilliance and color, with precise faceting to enhance its sparkle.

Myanmar (Burma): This region produces high-quality peridot with vivid green colors.

Hardness: Peridot has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7, making it suitable for most types of jewelry, though it should be treated with care to avoid scratches

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