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Amethyst Cabochon 8x6 mm Oval

Amethyst Cabochon 8x6 mm Oval

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Product Description:

Discover the elegance and charm of our Amethyst Cabochon 8x6 mm Oval gemstones. Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your jewelry creations, these high-quality stones are sure to impress with their vibrant violet hues and exceptional clarity. Whether you're crafting a unique piece for yourself or creating a special gift, these amethysts are the ideal choice.

Key Features:
- Premium quality with fine luster and superfine clarity.
- Sourced from African mines.
- Perfect 8x6 mm oval size.
- Approximately 4.65 carats.
- Includes 4 pieces per pack.

- Adds elegance and sophistication to jewelry designs.
- Known for calming and stress-relieving properties.
- Ideal for creating personalized, meaningful gifts.
- High-quality gemstones can appreciate in value.
- Inspires creativity in jewelry making.

Enhance your jewelry collection with these stunning Amethyst Cabochons and experience the perfect blend of beauty and versatility.

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