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Black Star Sapphire 10x12 mm Oval Cabochon 9 pcs

Black Star Sapphire 10x12 mm Oval Cabochon 9 pcs

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Black star gemstones, like black star sapphires, exhibit a star-like pattern known as an asterism, which is visible when light reflects off the stone's surface. 
Shape and Cut: The black star sapphire is often cut into an oval cabochon to enhance the star effect. The cabochon cut, which is smooth and rounded without facets, allows the star phenomenon (asterism) to be more visible.

  • Thailand: One of the primary sources, known for producing high-quality black star sapphires.
  • Sri Lanka (Ceylon): Renowned for a variety of sapphires, including black star sapphires.

These gemstones are highly valued for their unique optical properties and are used in a range of jewelry pieces, from rings to pendants.

9 pcs, weight 59.73 carats , 10x12 mm Oval Shape

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